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Price: $1,000 Max Loan, 1 Hour Approval

60MinutePayday aggregates some of the top payday loan sites out there to fit your financial needs. Apply for up to $1,000 and receive approval within the hour.

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If you are seeking a temporary cash loan 60MinutePayday can help ease the process. 60MinutePayday is a lender-matching service that submits your information to a network of participating lenders based upon the requested loan amount and state in which you apply. Whether you want to avoid a bounced check, overdraft fees, late payment fees on bills due, a late rent or car payment or have a medical issue and need a temporary cash loan to receive care, this company may be able to match you with the correct lender to serve your needs.


Qualifying: To qualify for this service you need to be 18 years of age or older, have a steady verifiable income of at least $1000 and have an active bank account.

Loan Amount: The loan amount requested can range from $100-$1000.

Application Process: Once you submit your basic information to 60MinutePayday, you will be re-directed to the lender most likely to approve your loan. You will receive a terms and conditions agreement to peruse. If you agree and are accepted, your funds should be available shortly.

Approval Process: The lender you have chosen will determine your eligibility based upon the loan amount, recurring income, financial transaction history, and employment history.

Security: 60MinutePayday possesses a SSL Certification, which allows for full encryption of website transmissions to protect your personal information completely.

Privacy: 60Minute guarantees every customer a private transaction and will never submit your information to any other third party with exception to the lenders in the participating network.

Deposit/Re-payment: Deposits to your account can occur within one hour of approval but will generally be the next business day with most lenders. Re-payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account on the next payday or on the date agreed upon depending on the duration of the loan. The majority of payday loans range from 14 to 31 days.


You have the option of denying the acceptance of terms presented by any lender without limiting your use of 60MinutePayday. This lender-matching service automatically matches you with the lender most likely to approve your loan, which saves you the time several denials may take. There is no credit check associated with this service.


Additional qualification requirements may be necessary depending upon each individual lender. Approval for any payday loan is not guaranteed and will be left to individual lenders for decision. APR and finance charges for any payday loan are high. While the 60MinutePayday website states no faxing or credit check is required, it only pertains to the matching service itself. Lenders may necessitate their own credit check and may expect employment or bank account verification through fax.

Pricing/APR Rates

60MinutePayday cannot offer any information on loan rates or terms, as this is dependent on each individual lender. The lender chosen will present the information before the approval process can begin.  APR rates generally range from $15 to $35 on every $100 borrowed and the duration of the loan can also be a factor.


60MinutePayday can take the legwork out of finding a suitable lender to approve your temporary payday loan and thus is a highly recommended solution.

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