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Price: $1,500 Max Loan, Approval In Minutes

CashCentral has excellent customer support and high security to keep your private information safe. They cover around half the U.S. with a high maximum loan of $1,500.

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Stress over any financial emergency can affect every aspect of our lives. The strain of falling short on funds during an emergency or holiday may result in various negative effects on personal relationships or health. Many people are not aware of payday cash advance lenders as a solution to short-term money needs. CashCentral is an online service that can instantly match you with a potential lender capable of providing you with immediate cash assistance.

CashCentral does not charge for their service and you are not under any obligation to accept any offers extended as a result of your application. Simply visit their website, supply your information on the short form provided and in a matter of minutes you will receive information on potential lenders capable of meeting your needs.


Fast! Applying for a payday loan is a breeze. CashCentral’s website, as stated above, provides a short form to submit to potential lenders. In approximately two minutes you will be presented with a list of suited lenders based on the loan amount you request. In most cases, a lender will ask for your bank information and a decision will be made immediately. Funds are usually available within 24 hours.

Free! CashCentral is completely free. Because of their connections to the financial network of participating lenders, CashCentral will never charge for their assistance. Instead, the lender has elected to pay for the customer referral services.

Secure! One of the major concerns in today’s technological universe is security. CashCentral is dedicated to keeping all your personal information private and secure. Your name and contact information will not be re-marketed without your prior consent.

Easy to Qualify! Absolutely anyone can submit a form and be given borrower options; however, to qualify for approval you must be a U.S. citizen at least 18 years of age, have a regular minimum income of $800 a month, and have a valid checking account. The lender you select may have additional requirements.

No credit check! Because CashCentral is not a financial institution and does not make cash advances or credit decisions, they will never perform a credit check. A lender extends a loan based on income and checking account transactions. Because of this, even a bankruptcy usually does not prevent you from qualifying.

No Obligation. This service is intended to provide a potential payday loan recipient with a list of lenders that are most likely to meet the customer’s needs. You are in no way obligated to accept the terms a lender may propose. Read the terms and conditions before entering into any agreement. You can cancel the process at any time before electronic signature has been completed.

Loan Amount. A payday loan through the network of lenders CashCentral is affiliated with can range from $200 to $1500. Your loan approval amount will be based on your income and individual circumstance.


As previously discussed, CashCentral does not charge to provide their lender-matching services. Upon receiving your application, a lender will provide you with their specific terms of agreement that will include your loan amount, re-payment schedule and a specific fee obligation. Typically finance charges range from $15 to $25 per $100 borrowed.


Finding a lender for a fast loan approval can be a hassle; you may take the time to apply only to be denied or required to fax paperwork. CashCentral’s payday loan site is a fast, efficient way to find a lender most likely to approve your loan based upon your circumstances.

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