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CashNetUSA only accepts those from 23 states but has superior customer support and allows a high maximum loan.

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It was in 2004 when CashNetUSA was established, eventually becoming one of the top payday loan sites around. As a cash provider, they launched its Preferred Member Program in 2005, before being acquired by the industry leader, Cash America International, Inc., a brick-and-mortar short-term lender. Like their high-ranked competitors, CashNetUSA is part of the Community Financial Services Association of America and the Better Business Bureau. This gives you peace of mind then that you are transacting with a licensed and responsible lender. Today, CashNetUSA has been providing payday loans for more than 30 states in the United States, with numbers continually growing every year. In fact, more than a million customers have used CashNetUSA for their payday loans. And you can be one of them. Just complete the online application, get instantly approved, and enjoy cash deposited directly to your account within the next business day. Don’t have perfect credit? That’s ok.


In order to keep up with their competitors, CashNetUSA offers the following:

Quick and easy applications – just how easy is it to apply with CashNetUSA.com? it only takes five minutes to complete the online application and you don’t even have to send in supporting documents. You can have less-than-stellar credit ratings and its going to be just fine.

Later application acceptance periods – it’s normal for cut-off times to be in place for applications to be funded the next business day. CashNetUSA also uses cut-off times but accepts applications that come in as late as 9:00pm during the weekday for funding on the next business day.  If you pass your applications on a Sunday at 7:00pm, you will be able to receive your funding, when approved, on Monday.

Round-the-clock customer service – should you have questions or concerns, you can get in touch with CashNetUSA.com’s customer service team via chat, email, or phone. Just choose what’s most convenient for you. The sooner you get in touch with them, the sooner your query can be resolved, and the sooner you can enjoy the services of one of the best payday loan alternatives around.

Extensive loan options – CashNetUSA.com is a top payday loan site. However, should there a need be, you can also tap into other loans offered by the company, like installment loans (higher loan amount than a payday loan), Credit Service Organization loans (short-term loans from a third-party lender but via CashNetUSA.com), and lines of credit (flexible repayment and funding options where you can request for loans several times for as long as you do not exceed your credit limit).


On top of what you would have to pay for your loan, top payday loan sites like CashNetUSA will include certain fees that you will have to pay for as well. Essentially, loan fees are charges incurred as cost for borrowing money and is generally dictated where you are. If you opt to repay your loan at an earlier time, you will also be refunded a part of the loan fee you already paid the lender.


Going to a site such as CashNetUSA.com is a good way to supplement your finances since you can take out loans in amounts as high as your paycheck. It also doesn’t hurt that application is quick and easy, giving even those with not-so-perfect credit ratings to take advantage of the service.

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