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Price: $1,500 Max Loan, Instant Approval

Instant acceptance on high dollar loans along with a relatively low APR makes DiscountAdvances a very viable option.

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When you are looking around for the best payday loan site to fit your needs, you can’t go wrong when you consider DicountAdvances.com to be one of your options. Providing great options when it comes to instant payday loans available in the market, this company can give you the most advantages when it comes to delivering the best benefits for its customers at reasonable prices.


Minimum requirements will be needed with DiscountAdvances. They will only require a few simple things from their clients to approve any requests for payday loans of their applicants. Aside from being 18 years old and above, one will need a checking account that has been active for 90 days, plus a fixed $1,000 minimum from one’s monthly income or payday deposits.

Because they guarantee their customers a quick approval process, one has to present a valid address as well as phone number and other pertinent information, which the company will then reach to verify whether they are valid or not.

While other high-rated payday loan alternatives will make for a longer process when it comes to sending out the funds that customers have borrowed, DiscountAdvances offers and processes quick transfer of funds to their customers. You can get access to your loan on the same date that the loan is approved as well — a feature their customers take great advantage of.

Getting the loans from the company is made more convenient with the MoneyGram option that is offered to their customers. As there are over 16,000 MoneyGram locations available nationwide, payday loans prove to be very easy to acquire.

As one of the best options in the country today, DiscountAdvances allow for an efficient way of applying for a loan while ensuring that all of your information will be kept secure. Everything about the things that you pass for approval will be kept strictly confidential, and you can guarantee that such information can be used as referral for your next applications for a very quick turnover.


New customers that will apply for their loans at DiscountAdvances will find that they will receive a 25% cut from the initial finance fee of their payday loan. This will mean that it will only amount to $13.13 per $100 of the APR, making such offers a great deal.

The APR rate for each $100 that will be borrowed will amount to $17.50. This makes for a convenient way of pricing such, and one can work this factor to the advantage of saving up on the loans they avail of.


One of the best features that you can take advantage of are the rewards offered for referrals – so don’t miss it! This will provide you with $100.00 every time you refer a friend into their program. Not all of their competitors will provide such benefits as well as other price-friendly offers. There’s no doubt that DiscountAdvances has its spot on this top 10 list for a vast number of excellent reasons, some of which were explained for you here!

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5 stars

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