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Price: $1,000 Max Loan, Instant Approval

MyPayDayLoan does not require you to fax any information nor provide a credit check. They also provide instant approval for up to $1,000!

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MyPayDayLoan.com is a financial company that specializes in short-term loans or cash advances. These short-term loans are automatically deducted on the next payday or salary, including the interest rate. One of the best things about MyPayDayLoan is that they offer no-fax payday loans, which means that you do not need to fax any supporting documents from your bank in order for you to take out a loan. All you need to present are evidence that your bank account is more than 3 months old. You will also need to present your employment proof, and your email address. The ease and convenience of the no fax payday loan make MyPayDayLoan.com one of the best alternatives out there.


Free application. The application for the payday loan is free, unlike some sites that charge certain fees. Their customers who apply enjoy the ease of their site in general.

Faster approval process. One of their best quality is a fast approval of all loans. MyPayDayLoan.com and other high-rated competitors understand that people are usually in great need of money when they apply for payday loans, and fast approval is essential.

Unlimited loan extensions. One of the reasons MyPayDayLoan received a spot on this list because they allow their clients to extend their payday loans as many times as needed.

No restrictions on bad credit. Do you have a history of poor payment or bad credit rating? No problem with MyPayDayLoan.com. You are free to apply for loans as long as you meet the requirements. This is one of the reasons why they’re as highly recommended as they are.

Online convenience. All transactions from application, approval, cash advances, and payments are done online for convenience. No more worries on finding fax machines, or waiting on confirmation from your banks. Make everything easy online.


The maximum loan from MyPayDayLoan.com is $1,000, but first time applicants can only borrow $200 to $600. While the site offers excellent service in terms of speed, the pricing is relatively more expensive than what some other payday loans sites offer.

Straight rates. The Fee for advancing loans is always $25 for every $100 you take out. For a $1000 loan, your fee is $250.

Everything is straightforward. No other interests rates or rules apply. Everything is straightforward when it comes to pricing which is undoubtedly important


MyPayDayLoan.com is designed as a quick payday loans site without complications and messy transactions. No-fax payday loans are quick, simple, and just generally more efficient to use as a loan recipient. It’s true that simplicity is the best policy, at least in this case. The only drawback with MyPayDayLoan is that they have limited customer support. They can only be contacted through an email form available on their website. There are no live chat, no hotline to talk to representatives, and the response time to your queries takes as long as 24 hours.

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