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Price: $1,500 Max Loan, Instant Approval

With an instant decision and up to $1,500 instantly available for repeat customers, PayDayMax is a great option.

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PayDayMax is one of the most known payday loan sites in the U.S. Its philosophy is providing customers quick cash through online loan applications, all you need is your credit card. PayDayMax.com is committed to providing its customers with quality service and fast cash 24 hours a day and 6 days a week. If you need fast cash for the unexpected, PayDayMax is the one-stop online solution for fast cash needs. You’ll soon find out why it deserves its spot on this list.


Customer satisfaction. PayDayMax offers one of the best customer service in the industry, because their representatives are available any time of the day. Communication and transaction are easy as a breeze.

Online safeguards. Identity and credit card fraud are no small concern, and PaydayMax takes them very seriously. Your privacy is guarded with the most advanced security measures available, with multiple safeguards like physical, procedural, and electronic measures at hand.

Low rates. The fees at PayDayMax are one of the lowest. They are straightforward. You will see a the list of their fees, starting at $100 loans. A $100 payday loan will have a fixed fee of $18.62 or roughly 0.18% interest rate. This applies for a period of 14 days APR, one of the lowest among other payday loan sites.

New customers discount. All new customers enjoy 25% discount on their initial finance fee regardless of the amount of loan he is taking out. PayDayMax is one of the few sites that offer this feature, making it one of the best places to get your first loan.

Varied denominations. You can loan over $1,000 in variables of $100. The minimum payday loan you can take out is $100.

Fast cash / approval time. You will receive your money the following day if the loan was approved on Mondays through Thursdays. For added security, you are sometimes required to fax a bank statement.

Healthy financial practices. PayDayMax does not encourage customers to make three consecutive payments without payment. Moreover, they do not approve loan applications of people with bad credit. This way, you are sure that the company is stable and financially secure, among the top payday loan sites.


PayDayMax rates are competitively priced. For the minimum loan period, the interest rate is only 0.18%. The interest rates increase with each extension and payment period.

Low rates. Interest Rate of .41% applies to the maximum period of loan of 31 days with maximum loan of $1,500 with APR of 485.45%

30% off on the Preferred Member Rewards. Silver members receive 10% discount, gold members 20% discount, and platinum members 30% discount. Easy membership, just take out loans regularly and you will soon be eligible for membership.


If you are looking for a payday loan, you’re probably looking for a site that provides good security, affordable rates, and quick approval time. PayDayMax does all of this and more. Check them out, you won’t be unsatisfied with the results you find.

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