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Price: $1,000 Max Loan, Instant Approval

With an instant approval, toll-free number for customer support, and top-notch security, PayDayOne offers one of the best payday loans.

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Working with sites such as PayDayOne will allow you to get some of the best rates and support available in the market. While there may be a lot of competitors out there when it comes to payday loans, you should give such companies a thorough look to know what advantages and benefits you can avail from each one. This will ensure that you are working with secure, reputable sites in which will guarantee that your monetary needs will be met with appropriate, timely billing processes.

People are on the lookout for short term loans that will enable them to get the most money in the short span of time between the loan date and the pay date. Most of the time, payday loan sites make a very hefty interest dollar amount from each transaction. As to keep their customers coming back, that isn’t the case with PayDayOne. While fees do exist, they shouldn’t break your bank account, especially considering the taking out of a payday loan is generally an infrequent occurrence.


Better pricing compared to competitors. You will find that among other highly-rated payday loan alternatives, PayDayOne.com provides really great deals among other sites. The company manages to whip up an Annual Percentage Rate of 586.61%, making it one of the lowest available in the market today.

Fast approval time. When it comes to the approval time that you will be undergoing, PayDayOne manages to provide some of the fastest instant payday loans available in the market. While some other companies will take around 90 seconds to an hour for approval, clicking through the site will guarantee that you get your money easily. You will just need to provide certain things, such as a Valid Checking Account, Driver’s License, as well as Pay Dates and your Social Security Number. For contact purposes, you would need to provide your Current Home and Work Phone Numbers, as well as an email address.

Offers maximum loan Of $1,000. By offering a maximum loan amount of $1,000, the company offers a great way to provide yourself with cash that you will definitely work in paying for on your next payday.

Top-notch customer support. This allows PayDayOne to really stand out from the crowd as they’re able to provide you with the help that you need when you need it the most. Phone and Fax support is available, plus you can email them for any queries and suggestions that you may have for the company.


PayDayOne offers a variety of packages with very flexible payment schedules depending on the state you’re in. The prices vary from state-to-state but despite this, there are no hidden fees or charges that will be added to your loan. Plus, the interests they add on to your loan is one of the lowest compared to other loaning companies in the market.


While it is necessary to provide certain information to assure that the company can secure the payments of their borrowers, PayDayOne makes up for it by providing you with fast approval time along with the money that you need. As a result, their services are offered securely, timely, and thus they’ve received the great name in the industry that they have today.

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Cost of Loan
4 stars
States Covered
4 stars
5 stars

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